Florida residents Meagan Glesser and her father were on their way to a summer property in Upper Michigan when Izzy, the family dog, made a surprise escape. Izzy crossed lanes of traffic on I-75 and was hit by a car before running into the woods. For two days, Meagan and Tom waited by the highway, hoping to see Izzy. Social media brought out volunteers from animal search groups, along with food and blankets for Meagan and Tom. "I was stunned. I’ve been an airline pilot for 37 years and was a Navy pilot for 10 years before that. Of all the places I’ve been, I’ve never been in a community like this in St. Ignace that just exploded in helping," said Tom. Then, a woman spotted Izzy in woods along the highway. Meagan was able to coax her out. Izzy is now safe. She will never forget the help from a community of strangers. "I turned to my dad and said, 'I really want to move here now because it’s just unheard of, this kind of support,'" said Meagan.

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