At a bombed-out cultural center of a Ukrainian village, more than 200 young people held a daytime "clean-up rave," listening to techno and house dance music as they cleared away the rubble. According to AP News, nearly all of Yahidne's 300 residents were held in a basement for weeks by Russian forces; 11 died as a result. This is the eighth cleanup project so far by the Repair Together volunteers. Already, they have fixed 15 damaged homes in Yahidne and plan to build 12 houses in nearby Lukashivka for people whose homes were destroyed. "Volunteering is my lifestyle now," Tania Burianova, 26, told AP News. "I like electronic music and I used to party. But now it's wartime and we want to help, and we're doing it with music." The clean-up raves bring together those who have lost their nightclub community, helping them to regain a sense of normalcy and fun while helping damaged towns recover.

Watch video below.