70 years ago, Johnnie Bell was just 23 years-old, as he began working with the U.S. Postal Service in Oklahoma City, U.S. His starting pay was $1.81 an hour. Last Friday, July 29, 2022, Bell celebrated 70 years of service as a senior letter carrier, and was honored as the nation's longest-tenured Post Office employee. In response to the dedication, he said, simply: "Thanks so much for this recognition. This is just something I do because I enjoy it," he said. Co-worker Stephanie Fiordelisi described, "He just loves everyone, and he has a way of just being magic and just drawing everyone together to where they just all felt like family." Another colleague, Julie Gosdin characterized, "He is truly a public servant. he has an opportunity everyday to interact with customers, which he thoroughly enjoys." A third, Willie Taft, noted, "Seventy years is a blessing."

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