Dorothy Bowker, 75, is a mother of three, grandmother of nine, and great-grandmother of three and since 2015, a trustee of the Bridge at Leigh in the UK. She helped transform the community café into a low-cost food market which collects surplus stock from supermarkets and sells it at low prices to the community. "People pay a £2 yearly membership fee," Bowker says, "and can shop at really low prices. If they spend £5, they're probably getting a bag of shopping worth £20 or even £25." The way she sees it, every penny her food market can trim from someone's food bill is money they can put towards fuel, transport or school uniforms. Almost every day, she is at the Bridge, arranging deliveries, locating stock, doing payroll or managing volunteers. "My family were always hard-working and community-minded", she says. "So I guess I thought it was normal to do charity work."

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