A 15-minute city will be popping up on the shore of Lake Ontario in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga where a massive coal plant sat for more than four decades. The new neighborhood, Lakeview Village, revolves around the idea that people should live within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from most daily necessities, with streets designed to prioritize walking and cycling. The project will create 9,000 local jobs, so many people living in the 8,000 housing units will be only a few blocks away from work. Residents will be able to shop at local retailers. A new park will sit next to a coastal conservation area built with concrete recycled from the coal plant. The designers plan to use a district heating system that recycles waste heat from a neighboring wastewater treatment plant and an automated trash collection system that sucks recycling, compostables, and trash into an underground pipe leading to a central facility.

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