Since July 9, 2022, artists in Texas, U.S. have been travelling to the city of Uvalde, to paint murals of the 21 victims of the tragic May 24th school shooting at Robb Elementary School. Muralist Tino Ortega, from El Paso, Texas painted the mural of 11-year-old Jailah Nicole Silguiero. Her biography reminded him of his own daughter, "Her favorite colors were pink and blue and she was not too girlie but not a tomboy, somewhere in between," he told El Paso Times. As artists worked, many parents of the victims made sure they had work benches, beverages, and shade. "A lot of things I've been doing has been turning something negative into something positive," Ortega remarked. "So, it's about being able to give back and make something uplifting out of something that was tragic."

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