Jaylan Gray's mother died two years ago, leaving him alone in their Texas, US, house with this little brother Julian, then age 10. "Before she died, she told me not to sell the house," said Gray, 22. "My mom and my stepdad had paid it off and she wanted us to live in it." Then, last year, disaster struck at their house near Houston, when the pipes burst in a massive winter storm. The house was flooded from the attic, soaking and ruining ceilings, walls and floors; Gray hired a contractor to make repairs, but the contractor punched holes in the walls throughout the house, then disappeared with about $20,000, reported "The Washington Post". Gray didn't have the resources to pursue the matter; he and his little brother moved across town to live with their grandmother. But Julian had to change schools and they both wanted to return to the home they had lived in with their parents. The next spring, community nonprofit Katy Responds got involved to repair the home for the brothers. Volunteers repaired the home's floor, hauled away ruined furniture and flooring, put up new drywall, and re-wired, plumbed, and painted the entire house; a local church donated new furnishings. "What they did for us is so much more than I ever imagined. My goodness, I was blown away. Everybody was so kind to us – they went above and beyond," said Gray.

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