Dr. Roberto Anfosso is an Italian doctor who makes his home visits on the back of his horse, Ambra. He and his horse see 15-20 patients per week, riding for up to 100 km or 62 miles in Piedmont, Italy. An avid soccer player in his youth, when severe asthma limited his ability to run, he vowed to find a sport where someone else could run for him; horseback riding met that criteria. Although he dreamed of working with this horse one day, he only realized this possibility by accident. One day, Dr. Anfosso was out for a ride and he got an urgent medical call -- so he went -- on horseback. The patient was quite surprised, but the idea of doing his rounds on horseback was a winning idea for the doctor and his patients. Dr. Anfosso views his horse as a form of therapy for his patients. Elderly people are often fixated with their illnesses; the horse is a distraction for them. And as for him, as a horseback doctor he is living the old adage, "Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

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