In Sarajevo, young people take part in peacebuilding and media literacy training organized by Youth for Peace, which was created in 2013 by young people for young people to rethink the Balkans peace process. “The fear of the other has a paralyzing effect on our communities and our past, that is severely burdened by violence,” said Samira Fatma Barucija, one of the group founders. It is one of a number of grassroots initiatives created by Bosnia's postwar generation. Youth for Peace organizes monthly workshops and trainings with different ethnic groups. Nadezda Mojsilovic of the Ivan Pavao II Youth Center has involved more than 5,000 young people from various areas through lectures, summer camps, sports competitions and school workshops. “Interfaith dialogue and the building of a better society is a long-term process,” she says. “While such projects may be small steps for someone, I am sure they are of huge importance for our future.”  Already, more young people, mostly women, are running and getting elected on the local and federal level.

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