On Sept 5, 2022, 13-year-old Chichi, a female chimpanzee, broke her fence and escaped the Kharkiv Zoo. "Chimpanzees are highly intellectual creatures, it wasn't difficult to her to break the fence and leave," Victoria Kozyreva, a zookeeper who watched Chichi grow up, told NBC News. "After I heard that she left, I followed her to the square and began to talk to her." In the video that instantly made the monkey famous on social media, Kozyreva can be seen sitting and negotiating with Chichi; then offering her yellow raincoat when it started to rain, and finally, a bike ride back to the zoo. Providing a moment of levity in the midst of war, Chichi's adventure also offers a window into the challenges animals displaced or traumatized by the shelling. According to NBC News, the chimpanzee had been moved to Kharviv Zoo from her home in Feldman Ecopark, located in the city's northern suburbs, which had permanently closed due to the war.

Watch video below.