These days, as her small Eastern Kentucky, US,  community is buffeted by waves of tragedy, Gwen Johnson clings to Mother Teresa's words: “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Johnson, 64, excels at small things that add up to a lot. "That's just what my family does," she says. She started the Black Sheep Brick Oven Bakery to make food locally and give employment to people in recovery. With a grant from the Letcher County Culture Hub, she built an outdoor pavilion with WiFi for the children sent home from school with Chromebooks who had no Internet. Now it's a staging center for relief supplies, with the electricity still flowing thanks to rooftop solar panels. Her daughter and son in law helped build two bucket showers, and she joined forces with a church response team to get a water truck parked in the parking lot. Unlike other parts of Eastern Kentucky, no one from her town of Hemphill died in the flooding.

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