Amanda Mammana, 19, stepped bravely onto the stage of popular TV show America’s Got Talent with a guitar in her hand. As soon as she started to speak, it was evident to the audience that Amanda has a speech impediment, which she readily acknowledged. Then, she announced that she had come to sing an inspiring song that her speech disorder could not interrupt. Even though her nervousness showed in her eyes, it seemed to disappear when she strummed the first notes of her guitar. With a beautiful voice, she sang about times when she was “afraid to open the door," about growing up and overcoming speech impediment, and about how these experiences together have shaped who she was. From her song, the audience learned that she would not change a thing about her life, because without all her experiences, “would I still have inside everything that brought me to life?” Shortly after the last notes were sung, Amanda received a standing ovation from the crowd and a vote of “yes” from all four judges, because she had moved everyone’s heart with her music.

Watch video below.