The only bridge leading from Todd Hagan and his wife's house in Indiana was destroyed in a flash flood caused by a downpour of eight inches of rain. With no access to the main road, they were left stranded. Jesop, an eighth-grade teacher at Switzerland County Middle School, after hearing of the situation, called together his middle school football team to help the family. Many of the boys brought along their parents, siblings, and other members of the community. When they showed up on a Labor Day morning, Hagan was left speechless. "Tears were coming out of our eyes," he said. Wooden planks covering the 60-foot bridge, which were caked with mud, all had to be replaced. Fresh lumber was sawed and fitted onto the steel frame. A job that would have taken the Haganses several weeks was completed in a few hours. "There was a team atmosphere with our parents," said one player. "It felt like it brought us together even more."

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