Bryan Tsilacos of South San Francisco, US, considers himself fortunate; he has a job that lets him work remotely and spend more time with his family. He's grateful and he thought now is a good time to show it. He's committed to completing 30 acts of kindness in the last year of his 20s. "Thirty being around the corner, I thought probably now would be a good time to do some self-reflection and one of the things that stood out to me was that I realized that all of the achievements and successes were not possible without the generosity and kindness of others. Because so many people have helped me along this journey and I decided for my last year of my 20s I wanted to give back by doing 30 acts of kindness," he told NBC Bay Area news. One of his first acts of kindness is to deliver individual flan desserts to every fire station in the city of San Jose, California, where his brother lives. That's 32 fire stations and almost 400 individual flan desserts in all. He is both committed to completing his 30 acts of kindness and to inspiring others and starting a chain reaction of kindness.

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