Southwest Airlines employees, Ismael and his fiance Jamee, took care of Theo, a passenger’s pet fish, for four months. Kira, the fish’s owner, was not allowed to bring it on her flight home from college. She was relieved when Ismael and Jamee offered to help care for Theo over summer break. She kept in touch with them through text messages to check on the fish. Ismael even bought a larger tank for Theo. When summer was over and Kira was heading back to college, she met with the two Southwest employees and was reunited with Theo. To thank the couple, the grateful college student gave them a gift card. Ismael and Jamee's kindness towards Kira and Theo is just one of the many things that Southwest employees have been doing to help passengers cope with struggles and challenges they have encountered during the pandemic. “The story is a rare bright moment in what has been a summer of flight chaos with many passengers suffering cancellations, diversions, crew time-outs, as well as lost luggage, pets and even children.“ It is truly touching how people are caring for each other and showing compassion in times of need, no matter how big or small they seem.

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