Mahota Textiles, the first tribally owned textile company in the US, is a way of sharing and educating others about the Chickasaw culture, says business and development manager Bethany McCord, a Chickasaw Nation citizen. The business was pitched to the nation’s leaders and fellow citizens by McCord and textile artist Margaret Roach Wheeler and launched in October 2018. It is now in more than 30 locations across 10 states, offering three main products: a blanket, a pillow and a bag, each in three distinct designs. Each piece comes with a card describing how it was made, and a poem written by a Chickasaw poet. The Chickasaw Nation also owns and operates several other business ventures, including a hotel and a line of gourmet chocolates. The Mahota team would like to work in interior design, and there are already plans to renovate some suites at the Chickasaw Retreat and Conference Center.

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