In a video gone viral on Twitter, Mike Ross, 29, can be seen cradling a frightened cat as Hurricane Ian rushes into the neighborhood on the afternoon of September 28, 2022. "My boyfriend saving a cat from flood waters near Bonita Beach," Megan Cruz Scavo captioned her video. Mike was forced to evacuate to his parents' home when his own home was flooded, "The Guardian" reports. Around 2pm that afternoon, he looked outside the window and spotted a cat stranded atop an air conditioner as the waters rushed in, he told Washington Post. Ross climbs up to the cat, gently lifts its body, and holds it close to his chest. The cat clings tightly onto Ross, as his mother films the act on her phone, commenting, "Look at Michael saving the kitty. Awww!" Ross and his girlfriend have since named the cat Ian.

Watch video below.