Popular as avocados are, growing them uses a lot of water and a lot of land is cleared for monoculture farms. An English student has developed an eco-friendly alternative - the Ecovado. Arina Shokouhi identified the chemical elements of avocados to try to find equivalents from more local and low-impact sources. While ingredients will vary based on location, some options include apples, broad beans, hazelnuts and neutral oils like rapeseed or olive oils, depending on where the Ecovado is made. These are blended into a creamy, green interior resembling avocado flesh. The exterior is made from a biodegradable, compostable wax dyed using spinach and charcoal. The pit is made from nuts, like walnuts, chestnuts or hazelnuts, that can be easily eaten. “Ecovado is an imitation that tries to improve upon reality, not merely reproduce it," says Shokouhi. "And, hopefully, it will fool even the most sensitive of hipster tastebuds.”

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