Twenty to 30 percent of plums and other stone fruits grown in Australia end up in landfills simply because they have slight blemishes. Hoping to address the issue of food waste, Dave McNamara, the CEO of Foodbank Victoria, encouraged Montague, a fresh produce company, to work with Peters Ice Cream to turn imperfect plums into delicious treats for people to enjoy. This year, the two companies launched “Rescue Pops”, sorbet sticks made from premium Montague plums that did not make the cosmetic cut, saving 50,000 kilograms of plums from going to the landfill. The heads of Peters Ice Cream and Montague value the partnership, as both companies are highly committed to reducing food waste and protecting the environment. "What's really important to us is to show our commitment to sustainability in any way we possibly can," says Emma-Jane Collins, CEO of Peters Ice Cream. "It may be a small step, the journey is going to be long, but this is just one initiative that we can work on with another business to show how committed we are."

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