Germany will ease financial pressures on consumers caused by Russia's war on Ukraine. A €49 travel ticket will let travelers use short-and-medium-distance public transportation nationwide at lower cost, and gas prices will be capped at twelve cents per kilowatt hour and electricity at 40 cents. The gas cap will benefit 25,000 larger businesses and nearly 2,000 hospitals and schools as soon as January 1 next year. Households and smaller firms may have to wait until March, but will get a one-off payment for gas bills in December. The federal government and states will share the cost of increasing the state rent subsidy by an average €190 a month and paying it to 1.4 million more people. A hardship fund will be set up for hospitals, nursing homes and social insitutions and some companies, and the federal government will give states an additional €1.5 billion this year and next to help with refugees from Ukraine.

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