Anu Sharma’s pregnancy was complicated, and less than two days after leaving hospital with her newborn, she returned after self-diagnosing herself with postpartum preeclampsia, literally saving her own life. A longtime health care consultant and executive, Sharma and her midwife, Talia Borgo, developed a better way -- a maternal health clinic called Millie, which combines in-person clinical care from OB-GYNs; guidance and support from midwives; and an app that offers telehealth services and educational and mental health resources. Offering one unbroken experience from the first positive test until 12 months after delivery, it’s not a typical model in the US, which has the worst maternal mortality rates of any high income country. Millie, fueled by a $4 million seed round led by TMV and BBG Ventures, offers its full suite of services from a clinic in Berkeley, California. Babies are delivered at the hospital across the street. In future, Sharma wants to partner with larger health-care providers who would use Millie’s model to offer more specialized maternity care than they could give in-house.

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