Australians will soon be able to experience a unique taste with ice cream made from Indigenous bush tucker plants including Davidson's plum, peppermint gum, strawberry gum and wattleseed that will benefit a not-for-profit Aboriginal co-op which provides employment outcomes for indigenous people. The Worn Gundidj co-op believes their new line of gourmet bush tucker foods will inject funds into their social enterprises such as landscaping, screen printing and a native plant nursery. As well as the ice cream, the co-op has a select product range that includes kangaroo meat pies with wattleseed gravy and bush tomatoes and chicken and lemon myrtle pieces, produced by local manufacturers under commercial contracts, said Worn Gundidj business manager Clint Miller. "In the Worn Gundidj nursery, Indigenous employees and volunteers ... work with Indigenous plants that provide a connection back to culture and place," he said."The hope is that Worn Gundidj is a stepping stone, that people will leave with the skills and confidence to go on to other work or start their own businesses."

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