AMB Renewable Energy Inc. works to mitigate climate change in Illinois communities that have experienced both disinvestment and pollution. Founder Arthur Burton says education is key to generating buy-in, so people know what sustainable energy is and how they can benefit from it as a family and community. AMB collaborates with Millennium Solar to provide opportunities for disinvested communities, offering specialized instruction for high school dropouts and high-risk young people. Trainees are also come through the Safer Foundation, which works with individuals leaving the correctional system. Training includes installing solar, EV charging, and heating and cooling systems. Sessions range from six to eight weeks, providing 30 to 40 hours of training, Burton said. AMB recently employed a training cohort on one of the largest projects awarded under the Illinois Solar for All initiative -- a 93-kilowatt rooftop solar array in Pontiac, Illinois, partnering with Renewable Energy Evolution, LLC. AMB works with a number of organizations through which it has developed EV charging stations, solar panels and other clean energy systems in and around Chicago, Burton said.

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