Here’s an antidote to an ever-stressful, busy, and uncertain world. Try finding and savoring little bites of joy in your day. I call them “joy” snacks. By mindfully tuning into the pleasant, nice and sometimes routine experiences of every day, we can transform an otherwise mundane moment into something more meaningful and even joyful. Lunch with a co-worker. Walking the dog. Texting with a friend. Eating a favorite meal. Calling your mom. Just hanging out. New research shows that finding and savoring these nuggets of joy can be a way of consistently cultivating a good, meaningful life. “It’s not these big things that we sort of create in our heads. But these smaller day-to-day experiences that bring us meaning,” said Joshua Hicks, psychologist at Texas A&M University’s Existential Psychology Collaboratory. Snacking on joy can go beyond focusing on our own experiences. Sharing our joy snacks also helps foster stronger bonds with those we care about most. Relationship research has found that couples who celebrate small things regularly -- not just the anniversaries -- had stronger and happier relationships.

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