When Wanda Dench accidentally texted Jamal Hinton, she had no idea it would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship whose story would go viral, warming hearts around the world. In 2016, Dench sent a message to her grandson about Thanksgiving plans, but it mistakenly reached Hinton instead. Then, Hinton was just a teenager, and he jokingly responded: "You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?" To his surprise, Dench immediately replied, "Of course you can. That's what grandmas do ... feed everyone." In the seven years since, a lot has happened. Hinton, now 22, graduated high school, started his first job, and, this year, also began coaching high school students. Every Thanksgiving, he drives 40 minutes to Dench's home for what has now become an annual tradition. This year, they're even making pies together to give to others. "She's not 'kind of' a grandma; I consider her my grandma," said Hinton according to CBS News.

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