California-based runner and cardiologist Steven Lome he "never anticipated his professional skills to be needed in this manner outside of work." Recently, while running the Monterey Half Marathon with his teenage children, Lome says he encountered a runner needing chest compressions. Shortly into the race, at mile three, a runner went down with cardiac arrest. CPR was administered and once a defibrillator arrived, Lome shocked him and a normal heart rhythm resumed. That runner was taken to the hospital. Lome then resumed his run and just as he crossed the finish line, another runner when down in front of him. This person was completely out, with no pulse. Lome again used the defibrillator and administered a shock and then chest compressions and the runner came to. Happily, both runners survived. Race director John Ellison thanked the other runners who gave the initial CPR. "I think the moral of the story is that everyone ought to learn CPR and be prepared to use it -- that's the bridge to the defibrillator, and it worked in both of these cases."

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