Danielle Gletow became a foster mom 16 years ago. Within a year, she adopted one of the children, a two-week-old baby girl. Despite finding out she was pregnant during the adoption, she continued living her passion to help kids in need. She set up a nonprofit, One Simple Wish, to galvanize donations from others who, like her, wanted to make an impact and bring joy to foster youth. Incredibly, over the next 15 years, One Simple Wish collected over $15 million to grant requests for over a quarter-million kids and young adults impacted by foster care. Now, to mark National Adoption Month, Gletow and her team gave nine new cars to deserving adults who, in their youth, were impacted by the child welfare system. They flew all the winners to New York, US, and surprised them with the new cars, along with a year’s worth of insurance and gas. “It’s our mission to spread love, hope and joy to those who have been impacted by abuse, neglect and trauma. The effects of those circumstances can be compounded when young adults ‘age out’ of the foster or child welfare system, and we are grateful that we have been able to take one major expense off their plate,” Gletow said.

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