The 30,000-square-foot EcoBuilding Bargains retail warehouse in New England offers creative solutions for building material waste, supporting the 'circular economy'. Consistent donations from contractors ensure a stable inventory and items arrive several days a week through its free pickup service, which employs full-time delivery drivers. The design of the warehouse imitates big box stores for a familiar retail shopping experience. Signs – in English, Spanish, and graphics – guide shoppers around the store. Customers spend a quarter to a third of new market value, while construction firms save anywhere from $100 to a few thousand dollars on disposal costs and receive a tax credit for their donated items. Its budding e-commerce site was launched in November 2021, and the team offers virtual shopping appointments. The warehouse has shipped items to all 50 states and 12 countries, including easy-to-transport tile and unique antique finds. It is part of the Center for EcoTechnology, a nonprofit focused on climate change issues in the food, building, and technology sectors.

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