Solveiga Pakštaitė was working on a design project for people with visual impairments when she came up with the idea of a tactile food spoilage indicator, for which she has won a slew of awards. Mimica Touch. a temperature-sensitive label that changes texture when food spoils, incorporates a plant-based gel into a label or bottle cap, which is layered over hard plastic bumps. The gel decomposes at the same rate as the product inside, turning to liquid when it’s no longer fit for consumption, which is when users can feel the plastic bumps underneath.The system can add anything from two days to a week to a product’s life, which could cut the amount of food wasted in the UK by half. It’s thought that up to 60% of all food wasted is still safe to eat. Funding has been the main challenge in getting the concept from an idea to its first cap production run.

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