Isabele's mom and aunt own a small carry-out taco shop and business has been slow. So Isobel took to TikTok and posted a short video of her mom waiting for customers. The video went viral immediately: it has been viewed nearly 40 million times, received over 6 million likes, and racked up nearly 70,000 comments. But not only that, TikTokers from all over the area stopped by to try the food and loved it. "I think I've seen around a thousand customers daily, which is crazy to think about considering we used to have about 5–10 customers a day," Isabel shared. They even had to enlist the help of the entire family to meet demand. With lots of positive reviews, the future of the taco shop looks promising. Isabel has posted a new video. It shows her mom and aunt counting the money from the cash register. The caption reads: "This was the first time they were able to pay themselves since opening up the restaurant together."

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