Nancy Epley, 100 years old, has spent the last 40 years custom crafting jackets that tell the life story of their owners. To date, she's made more than 200 jackets and no two are the same. Epley started making jackets in 1980. She started by crafting one for herself and, as compliments poured in, she created them for other people. Friends, family, and total strangers began requesting custom jackets by Epley and she got straight to work. Some of the recipients consider the jacket their most prized possession. "This jacket really represents my life and my family's life. If there is a fire, this is the only thing I would take and run," said Ursula Keeley. Recently, Epley has begun winding down with crafting jackets – given how time-consuming and challenging they can be. She is now focused on making custom wall hangings. "I've just lucked out, and I've loved it. One is so lucky if you have something that you love to do," Epley said.

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