Sri Lanka’s worst economic crisis has left nearly 30% of its 22 million people food insecure. The Voice Community Kitchen provides some 6,000 free lunches every week at two dozen locations. Pastor Moses Akash de Silva started the project in June after volunteers distributing dry rations discovered that a shortage of cooking gas meant people were unable to cook. Many kitchens are based in schools, while others, such as the flagship Bethany Church program in a Colombo suburb, serve lunch every day to a mix of children and adults. At least 60% of the people do not eat breakfast or dinner due to financial hardship. “I have gone for days without food, so I understand how these people feel,” says Pastor Moses. “It does not matter to us what religion they are from, or if they have family, or what they do.” Most funding for the foundation’s activities, including the kitchens, comes from Sri Lankans living locally and overseas.

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