Gorne Wood is a rare surviving patch of an old forest near London. It is home to gnarly oaks, field maples and even elms, slow worms and endangered hedgehogs, providing nesting sites for sparrowhawks, owls and woodpeckers. After the First World War, it was declared a public park. But in the 1980s it was sold and soon after it fell into disrepair. The community became concerned and successfully applied to have Gorne Wood "...designated as an asset of community value, preventing its owner from selling it on without giving the community first dibs." The community approached Lewisham council to buy the land but it could not afford it. Instead, the community started a campaign to raise the money. There were school cake sales, sponsored bike rides and walks, and fundraising concerts. Children even sent in their pocket money. Happily, the community reached their goal and the council is now making the offer on the community's behalf. The process is complex and can take up to two years. 

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