At Charles Foreman's Washington, D.C., US, ice cream shop, nobody walks away without a scoop, even if they can't pay for it. Foreman had lived in the neighborhood for decades and when he lost his job as a chef during the pandemic, he opened the ice cream shop. He has tried to make his shop a bright spot in the neighborhood – a neighborhood in which gun violence has been a troubling problem. So, when he comes across a customer who could use a pick-me-up, he happily offers them a sweet treat – on the house – no questions asked. One day a customer saw him give a free ice cream cone to a child who didn't have any money. The following week, the customer returned with a $100 donation, which was enough to buy about 28 scoops of ice cream. Others have contributed over time as well, including a time when a person bought ice cream for the next person in line and it triggered a day-long sequence of people doing the same. "Everybody kept paying it forward. You start to see the best in people. It was really touching," Foreman said.

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