The Dog Resort, a doggy daycare and boarding facility in Seattle, Washington, US, caught fire recently with 115 dogs inside. A community effort saved all of the dogs. Employees of several nearby businesses jumped into action to ensure the dogs were rescued. “I thought, ‘I can sit here and watch, or I can go over and see if I can be of help,’” said Kenny Robinson, who helped with the rescue effort. Robinson was thinking of his own dog who died of cancer last fall and was moved to help these dogs live. As dogs were rescued, they were cared for by neighboring businesses, including a contracting company, a brewery, and a Mexican restaurant until they were retrieved by their owners or taken to a temporary shelter. A few dogs needed medical care, but all survived. “You know that Mister Rogers’ saying, ‘Look for the helpers?’ That’s how I felt. I didn’t want to be the guy standing around watching. I wanted to be a helper,” said Robinson.

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