Lucinda Hinojos, the first Chicana artist to create artwork for the NFL, took inspiration from her family heritage in designing the ticket and promotional posters for 2023's Superbowl LVII. Her design prominently features the Arizona desert landscape. The White Tank Mountains are reflected in the trophy, either side of which features a fancy Shawl dancer and an Azteca dancer. “My family’s roots run deep in Arizona,” she said. “My family is born and raised from this land. We’re currently on Ohn Akimel O’odham Jeved land, which is Salt River people. This land is important to me because of our ancestors’ use of this salt river here is what created and started the city of Phoenix.” She also collaborated with other indigenous artists to create a 9500-sq-ft mural, the largest in Superbowl history, at the Monarch Theatre in Phoenix.

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