Peter Judge, 59, had been recently let go from his job as a cashier at his local grocery store because he used more than his allotted number of sick days. Judge was crushed and feeling hopeless, worried about how he would manage his expenses. His son, Patrick McCarthy, decided to share his story on LinkedIn – a platform Judge had never heard of before. "I just appreciate him as a human and know how much he liked his job," McCarthy said about his father. McCarthy's post was trying to harness humanity, vulnerability, and empathy in work; people responded. The post reached thousands of people and hundreds of them offered to help in some way. Father and son were both stunned by the responses, which included multiple job offers, offers of career counseling and help with resumes and interview preparation, and lots of moral support. "What's happened in this past week with the reaction has completely restored my faith in humanity, period. The gratitude is abounding," Judge said. With the help of his son, Judge is now sorting through the job offers and together they will decide his next career move.

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