Just imagine walking down a sidewalk and seeing little funny creatures at your feet! That would make your day, wouldn't it? Or at least bring a smile to your face for a while? That's the beauty of David Zinn's street art. It's meant for the public -- for you and me, just average passers-by -- to enjoy, individually and collectively. Like all public art, it’s an act of love to strangers, a way of connecting to people without saying a word. Using chalk and charcoal to make his cast of characters come to life in cracks and crevasses, sidewalks and tree trunks Zinn creates an entire world of characters who pop up in unexpected places. His creations aren't meant to last forever; in fact, he believes that their temporary nature adds value to them. "Famous works of art hanging in museums get seen by thousands of people every day. But this? You could be among the dozens of people who get to see this while it exists," he told CBS Mornings. "That's pretty special."

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