When a woman struck up a conversation with a man in Ontario, Canada, who is experiencing homelessness, she didn’t imagine it would change his life forever. After it became clear that Brian Bannister was a kind soul who had fallen on hard times, Danielle MacDuff offered him a job on her farm. Bannister was living in a shed after a terribly challenging life that involved childhood trauma, overcoming addiction, and the death of his first wife, followed by the death of his second wife. He had “given up,” but MacDuff’s offer revived the man and brought the farm a pair of hands that are diligent at work and gentle with MacDuff’s children and her animals. “It floored me. It just came from the heart with her and [I’ve] got to thank her every day,” Bannister said with tears in his eyes. MacDuff also started a GoFundMe site to help Bannister get back on his feet, which has raised $10,000 Canadian dollars so far.

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