"I'm a big night train fan," European Sleeper co-founder Chris Engelsman confesses: "It's adventurous, romantic and efficient”. His list of favorite journeys includes Vienna to Kyiv, and Milan to Sicily. And it’s fair today that night train fans in Europe have every reason to feel optimistic! Sleeper trains are continuing to make a comeback in mainland Europe, with a number of new services being launched since last summer, or due to start later this year, or in 2024. Belgian-Dutch train firm European Sleeper is to begin transporting people overnight from Brussels and Amsterdam to Berlin, with plans to extend its service from Berlin to Prague. French night train business Midnight Trains is also determined to "reawaken the enchanting experience of the night train" by launching its first luxurious services from Paris in 2024. Their aim is to serve more than 10 destinations including Rome, Porto and Edinburgh, with trains that will have old-fashioned "glorious roaring 20s charm" and feel like "hotels on rails". In the words of Cat Jones, the founder and chief executive of flight-free travel agency Byway Travel, "The point of travel is the experience rather than just the arrival," and sleeper trains are "putting the joy back into travel".

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