When fifth graders Layla Reyes and Madi Clabaugh from Green Springs Elementary School in Ohio felt some of their classmates were not being nice to each other, they decided to take action and created the Kindness Club with the help of school counselor Amy Kneisley to encourage kindness and compassion not only for the school, but also for the world. During lunch break, members of the club meet to work on various projects, like making bracelets for kindergartners. Future plans include making posters with kindness slogans to display around the school and inviting other fifth graders to the club. Even though the club is open to all fifth graders, Kneisley believes that the invitation could make students feel welcomed, especially those who need a greater sense of social connectedness. In addition, the club is planning to educate younger students on kindness and teach them skills such as how to talk to people when they feel lonely. The club has received positive support from the school board and hopes the club will continue to have a positive effect. “We want to spread a message that everyone needs to be treated with respect and kindness,” Reyes said. “We want them to know you can always change if you think what you’re doing is wrong.”

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