This is a perfect story of love, gardening, and magic! Sybil Gorby, a 92-year-old resident of Tyler County, West Virginia, US, has been planting seeds from the same heirloom tomato lineage since 1965. She believes that gardening is the secret to her long and happy life - because it keeps her moving and helps her use all her muscles to pull and dig. Every spring, she cultivates the seeds in her garden and by mid-August, she is rewarded with plump, shiny, and delicious tomatoes. She has had a green thumb since she was a teenager and her love for gardening began while helping to look after her neighbor's garden. Gorby's daughter, Sandy Marody, believes there is something magical about them; the seeds just grow into wonderful tomato plants. Gorby still lives on the same farm where she and her late husband built a home 60 years ago. Seeing a seed bloom and then blossom into edible deliciousness gives her an immense feeling of pride. Her love for gardening has brought her endless satisfaction and her green thumb has helped her create a wonderful life for herself and her family. Oh, and, in case you were wondering… Betty's favorite way to eat her heirloom tomatoes is in a bacon, egg and tomato sandwich made with homemade bread.

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