An organization based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, has recently started to take a proactive approach to tackle unscrupulous behavior by Dutch landlords and rental agencies using the current housing crisis to their benefit by charging rental rates that are legally too high. RentBuster NL alerts tenants who are moving into new apartments that their landlords may be overcharging them. The organization has sent hundreds of letters to tenants over the last few months, informing them about exploitive housing practices. The person behind this is Shane White, a 37-year-old Irish physicist who moved to the Netherlands in 2011. It was during a search for a new home that he realized the extent to which some landlords were trying to cash in on the country’s rental housing shortage. White offers to assist tenants who end up going in front of the Huurcommissie, the government agency involved in assessing the fair rental value of properties, and offers his services for free.

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