Cambridge University student Harry Blakiston Houston created the Insulate Ukraine project to replace bullet and bomb damaged windows. According to the United Nations, millions of people in Ukraine live in buildings with insufficient protection. "We've come up with a solution that makes a real difference," Blakiston Houston said. He has paused his biotechnology studies to concentrate on the initiative, which has already installed hundreds of windows across Ukraine. The window design uses polyethylene, PVC piping, pipe insulation and duct tape to create four layers of insulation. It costs around £12 per square meter of window (about $15/10 square feet), and can be built at home in 15 minutes. "Part of Putin's war is about trying to make people in Ukraine cold and miserable. It's about breaking their resolve to actually continue defending themselves. We're essentially empowering Ukrainians because we're giving them a way to solve this problem for themselves," Blakiston Houston said.

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