At Shriners Children’s Hospital in Chicago, an extraordinarily artistic orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Felicity Fishman, draws custom art using sterilized markers on the casts of children with broken arms. The art, drawn after the surgery, is designed based on personal requests, and can range from animals to characters. Fishman said in an interview, “It is truly a team effort; my PA and my nurse in the clinic begin the conversation about the potential cast art so the families have time to choose, and the child has something to look forward to– instead of being scared.” Having the ability to choose something special and personal allows children to feel more free and relaxed, and to leave the hospital with a smile on their face. After about 3-4 weeks when the cast gets taken off, some kids love their special cast so much that some families choose to keep the cast. “The whole team at Shriners Children’s has embraced the simple happiness that the cast art allows the recovering child to enjoy,” said Fishman.

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