The American Red Cross partnered with the popular Peanuts cartoon brand to create an exclusive T-shirt featuring Snoopy for people donating blood. The shirt went  viral on TikTok and first-time blood donors are showing up to get their hands on the exclusive merch. The collaboration has increased traffic and the number of appointments being made for blood donations, according to the Red Cross. It’s found an audience on TikTok, with users documenting their visit and their new shirt, which features Snoopy’s alter ego, Joe Cool, and the phrase, “Be Cool. Give Blood.” One TikToker’s short video went viral, getting over 4 million views. “It’s been really great to see so many young folks so fired up by this particular partnership and realizing that maybe their fear of needles or other concerns aren’t as bad as what they thought they might be,” said Darren Irby, executive direction of national brand partnerships at the Red Cross.

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