The adoption of an overweight cat has inspired many people to work on weight management and leading a healthier life. After the Richmond Animal Care and Control shelter staff shared the story of Patch, a 40 lb domestic short-haired cat, on Facebook, many people emailed the shelter with the wish to adopt him. But it was the email from Kay Ford that stood out among the rest. Ford, a retired business owner, said she is willing to dedicate time and resources to take care of Patch and his health. “Patches actually could be a wonderful inspiration for me. Perhaps we can do the weight-loss journey together,” she said in her email. “I’m not unhealthily overweight, but I gained 20 pounds over the pandemic that I would love to shed.” As the new parent of Patch, Ford is looking forward to her own transformation, in addition to encouraging her new cat to exercise and creating a comprehensive health plan for him.

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