A program created by an Indiana non-profit, JobSource, is providing stable housing, as well as life skills and guidance, for single mothers who want to pursue a college degree. The goal is to offer both housing and a support system that helps address obstacles and pressures that could derail single mothers from completing college. The residents in the Anderson Scholar House still have to pay rent and other living expenses, but the program staff help them work through day-to-day challenges and prepare them for a successful future after graduation. The program does not “put a Band-Aid” on people’s problems, said Rosemary Baker, who works at the Anderson Scholar House as a family advocate. Reflecting on her experience as an Anderson Scholar House resident, Amanda Lowrey said, “The scholar house has given me a future, it’s given me hope, it has given me a home, stability, a community of people that care about me and that care about my success.”

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