Over six days of fighting in Khartoum, two students rescued dozens of desperate people, even as they were robbed, threatened with execution, and accused of being spies. Hassan Tibwa and Sami al-Gada, in their final year of mechanical engineering, rescued at least 60 desperate people. "The only word for them is heroes," one UN official said. Mr. Tibwa, who is Tanzanian, and Mr. al-Gada, who is Sudanese, were not the only rescuers. Local Resistance Committees helped Sudanese and foreigners flee. But for some, the two students were the only option. Most of the rescued people finally left on a UN convoy that took them 35 hours to Port Sudan and from there, to Saudi Arabia, even as most of Khartoum's five million residents sheltered in their homes. But Mr. Tibwa had to go home to Tanzania while Mr. al-Gaba stayed with his family on the city outskirts.

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