A first-of-its-kind bus depot near Washington, D.C. will soon produce its own zero-emissions fuel for its public bus fleet. Montgomery County, Maryland will add solar panels and batteries at one of its main transit centers to provide clean electricity that will run an electrolyzer which creates enough juice to power 13 new fuel-cell buses it bought last August with federal funds. It will also serve as a microgrid that can function during a prolonged grid outage or emergency situation. Just months ago, AlphaStruxure and Montgomery County also launched a solar-powered microgrid at a ​“smart” bus depot in Silver Springs, to provide low-cost, self-generated energy to charge battery-powered buses. AlphaStruxure is financing the projects. The local government will make monthly ​“energy-as-a-service” payments to AlphaStruxure over 25-year contracts.

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